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Southern California Soda Fountain Equipment Leader R.J. Soda
R.J.’S Soda Service, Inc. is a contractor specializing in the installation and servicing of post-mix fountain equipment and bargun systems. Established in 1979, our company has gained a reputation as one of the best in the field, doing business with, among others, the Coca-Cola Company, Servend, Manitowoc, and Multiplex.
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Innovative Soda Fountain and CO2 Systems

If you are looking for beer dispensing equipment, look no further.
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Beginning in the spring of 2000, Kelly BevWay and SC Beverage, Inc. joined forces to supply Southern California with beverage line
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Working hand in hand with the top ice maker manufacturers, we here at SC Beverage, Inc. find these relationships to be a perfect fit.
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The year was 1979 and Ralph J. Munguia was not prepared to start up a company; all he wanted to do was take a vacation. However, when his employer (who also happened to be his Uncle) refused to allow him time off to take a well-earned vacation, he was faced with a life-changing decision: take a vacation and come home unemployed or take a vacation and come home to start a business. Fortunately, he chose the latter and, thus, was born R.J.’s Soda Service, Inc.
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